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Relax-Refresh- Re-imagine -Salt Cave - Salt Therapy!

Relax-Refresh- Re-imagine -Salt Cave - Salt Therapy!

Coming Soon!

Book a time at our Tranquil Salt Cave!!


Coming Soon!

Book a time at our Tranquil Salt Cave!!

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What is a Salt Therapy? ?


Everything you need to know about Salt Therapy


The wonders of salt therapy have been observed around the globe for centuries. But what exactly is this relaxing remedy – and how can it help you today?

Salt Therapy


Salt therapy is a natural remedy that involves inhaling pharmaceutical-grade dry salt in a comfortable, controlled environment.

As you sit back and relax, a special medical device called a halogenerator will disperse microscopic salt particles into the room. You’ll inhale these tiny particles deep into your airways and lungs and they will also land on your skin.

Suitable for babies, children and adults, salt therapy can help soothe a long list of skin, respiratory and lifestyle conditions.

What conditions can salt therapy help?

 Salt Therapy can help relieve the symptoms of Skin, Respiratory and Lifestyle Conditions, Including: 

The History of Salt Therapy

 Salt therapy has its origins from the salt mines and caves of Eastern Europe. Modern dry salt therapy has its origins from the salt mines and caves in Europe and Russia. As the workers were mining the salt (through chiseling, grinding and hammering at the salt), micro-sized salt particles were being disbursed into the air. Additionally there were ideal conditions below the Earth’s surface where air pressure and circulation, and humidity and temperature affected the quality of the environment. In this environment, miners were receiving many natural health benefits by breathing in the salt particles. Considering that mining jobs were usually recognized as dangerous to life and health, salt miners seemed to thrive on good health. They rarely had any respiratory issues and also looked younger due to great skin appearance. 

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FDA Notice

  • While there are many clinical and scientific studies conducted on dry salt therapy (halotherapy) throughout the world, the FDA has not evaluated the statements made throughout this website. Dry salt therapy is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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